Passport: Dubai man troubled by mistake of the bank

Passport: Dubai man troubled by mistake of the bank:

Ahmad Al Halabi, a Syrian national and Dubai resident, said it all started when he received a phone call from a police officer requesting him to report to the station because the National Bank of Fujairah accused him of signing a bounced cheque.

"Once I went to the station, I was shown the letter, which states that I have signed a bounced cheque on behalf of my company. I was surprised by this accusation as I am not even authorised to do so, the company manager is."

Al Halabi said the confusion happened because his name was present in the company's establishment contract along with the company manager's name, so the bank put his name in the complaint, instead of the manager's name.

He explained that although he has the authorisation to sign court contracts on behalf of the company's sponsor, he has nothing to do with the company's bank and cheque transactions.

Al Halabi added that even though the cheque was not signed by him and did not belong to him, the police held his passport for two days until he was able to prove so with official documents.

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